Where does this SIM work?

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Download the full guide here: simsdirect-explorer-365-day-sim-guide.pdf

Below is a list of which countries the SIM works in:

Wifi devices will only work with this SIM in UK & Europe

UK & Europe

More Europe


South America

England (4G)

Hungary (3G)

Australia (4G)

Brazil (3G)

Ireland (4G)

Iceland (3G)

Hong Kong (4G)

Chile (3G)

Northern Ireland (4G)

Isle of Man (3G)

Indonesia (3G)

Colombia (3G)

Wales (4G)

Italy (4G)

Israel (3G)

Costa Rica (3G)

Scotland (4G)

Jersey (3G)

Macau (3G)

El Salvador (3G)

Aland Islands (3G)

Latvia (3G)

Madeira (3G)

French West Indies (3G)

Austria (4G)

Liechtenstein (3G)

New Zealand (3G)

French Guiana (3G)

Azores (3G)

Lithuania (3G)

Reunion (3G)

Guadeloupe (3G)

Balearic Islands (3G)

Luxembourg (3G)

Saint Barthelemy (3G)

Guatemala (3G)

Belgium (3G)

Malta (3G)

Saint Martin (3G)

Nicaragua (3G)

Bulgaria (3G)

Martinique (3G)

Singapore (4G)

Panama (3G)

Canary Islands (3G)

Netherlands (3G)

Sri Lanka (3G)

Peru (3G)

Croatia (3G)

Norway (3G)

United States (4G)

Puerto Rico (3G)

Cyprus (3G)

Poland (3G)

US Virgin Islands (3G)

Uruguay (3G)

Czech Republic (3G)

Portugal (3G)

Vietnam (3G)

Denmark (4G)

Romania (3G)

Estonia (3G)

San Marino (3G)

Finland (3G)

Slovakia (3G)

France (4G)

Slovenia (3G)

Gibraltar (3G)

Spain (3G)

Germany (4G)

Sweden (4G)

Greece (3G)

Switzerland (3G)

Guernsey (3G)

Vatican City (3G)

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