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Will this SIM fit my phone?

Yep! All of our SIMs come in 3 sizes - Standard, Micro and Nano. All you need to do is pop the size you need to fit into your device.

When does my activation period begin?

It depends on which SIM you purchased, if it doesn't require an activation date then the SIM will activate only when you place it into your device. In most cases, you'll want to land at your destination and insert the SIM into your device to activate.

You can find more specific activation steps in the product specific articles!

The day you activate is Day 1 (what time you activate does not matter)

If you purchased a SIM with an activation date, the SIM will be activated on the date that is nominated when you checked out. If you are unsure or do not remember give us a message or email and we can have a look for you.

If you need it changed please message us 3-5 days prior to your nominated date.

Eg. You nominated the activation date to be 01/01 this is when we will manually activate it and when it will start, whether you have inserted your SIM or not.

What does "unlocked device" mean?

Unlocked means that it's not locked to your mobile carrier.

For example, if you bought your phone outright from Telstra or Optus or AT&T, it's highly likely that your phone is locked and our SIMs will not work in your phone.

How do I know if my device is unlocked?

If you bought your device outright from retailers like Best Buy, JB Hi-Fi or Harvey Norman, it's most likely unlocked.

If your device is on a Post-Paid contract, or is a newer phone, it's also unlocked.

If you're unsure, the best way to find out is to call your network provider and ask! They'll be able to unlock it for you too. This might incur a fee!

Are there any hidden roaming charges?

Nope. We are here to help you save on your roaming fees. With our prepaid SIMs you get exactly what you pay for with no additional fees or costs. For as little as $2 a day, we offer the best way to travel connected.

When should I put the SIM in my phone/device?

Typically, you'll want to put the SIM in your device when you land at your destination. Make sure to read our product specific guides for more info!

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