Money- Back Guarantee

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What is the refund policy?

We have a 100% Money-Back Guarantee policy that covers you for a full refund if your SIM or eSIM is not working how it is meant to.

Please be aware that in order for the Money-Back Guarantee to be valid, you MUST have :

- Downloaded our SIM Guide for the SIM you have purchased

- Followed the correct activation process

- Followed all of the troubleshooting steps

- Contacted our team via our Live Chat, Facebook or email at to ask for help if the troubleshooting steps didn't work. 

What cases don't apply to our Money Back Guarantee?

If there's an issue with your SIM, we're more than happy to give you a refund. You'll just need to make sure you've followed the above steps prior. There are, however, a few cases where we can't promise a refund for your SIM/eSIM.  

Some of the cases where we can't promise a 100% Money Back Guarantee are:

  • Your device is locked when you get overseas. We make it very clear that our SIMs/eSIMs only work in unlocked devices!
  • Your device is not compatible with the SIM. We have compatibility links on most product pages and encourage you to contact us if unsure so we can check for you.
  •  You lose your SIM or phone - this is awful luck, but unfortunately isn't a faulty product on our end.
  • You activate the SIM too early and the activation period ends before your trip ends.
  • You have used up all your purchased plan/data etc
  • You forgot to change the activation date for your SIM and the date has already passed. We make it very clear and emphasise that we need notice to make any changes, so contacting us 3-5 business days before your initial activation date to get this changed is required.
  • You change your mind, found the product cheaper somewhere else, or decided you don't like the SIM/eSIM or have no use for it any longer.
  •  You did not read the product page information when purchasing and expected different features. We make it very clear on the website product pages and in the SIM guides about the details of the SIM, the duration it will last, the data limit included and if it comes with data only or calls/texts (and to where!) THIS INCLUDES COUNTRIES COVERED. If you're unsure about any of these things, please reach out to us before you buy! We can help you make the right decision 😊
If you have not left for your trip yet and want to exchange your SIM for another, just shoot us an email to to organise an exchange or a refund. You will just need to send the SIM back to us 🙂
This excludes eSIM purchases. We do not offer exchanges or refunds for eSIMs, if you change your mind or decide that you no longer need them as we cannot prevent the use of the eSIM once sent. Therefore we cannot reimburse you for the purchase.


  • You give us the wrong email. We can forward the eSIM to a different email address, but we cannot guarantee it will not be used by the owner of the incorrect email address before you're able to activate it.
  • Your device is not compatible with eSIM. We provide a list of compatible devices on the website and before purchase you will be asked to tick a box confirming you've checked your device compatibility prior to buying. It will be your responsibility to ensure that your device is compatible, but if you need help - just reach out.
  • You have changed your mind or if you no longer need the eSIM. As we're not able to recall the eSIM and cannot prevent the use of the eSIM once sent, we therefore cannot reimburse you for the purchase.

Remember though! Each case is unique, if you are unsure please reach out to us. 💬

Refund steps:

  1. Download the SIM guide for your SIM and ensure you have followed all of the activation and troubleshooting steps in their entirety.
  2. Once complete, if your SIM/eSIM is still not working, please reach out to us and answer the following information:
  • What SIM/eSIM do you have?
  • What phone do you have and is it unlocked?
  • Have you been through our troubleshooting guide?
  • The issue you had with your SIM
  • A screenshot of your APN and Network Settings
  • A screen of your data balance
  1. Our team will require all of this 👆info in order to be able to figure out what has gone wrong. We won't be able to troubleshoot or help you out with a refund until we receive it.

What if my trip gets cancelled?

We understand that the current global travel situation is always changing. If your trip gets cancelled, we’re happy to offer you store credit so you can purchase a SIM for your next trip or you can get a refund as part of our money-back guarantee.

 Reach out to us and we’ll guide you through the process of getting your store credit or refund.

Effective on orders from 02/02/2022.

How soon will I get my refund?

After you have reached out to us and the refund has been confirmed, please allow 3-5 business days for your refund to show up in your payment account.

What do you promise?

We try to put our customers first in everything we do. We will always be there for you and listen to your feedback.

We promise:

To honour our money-back guarantee if you have cooperated with us. We just want to know what happened to improve our future services.

To always try and make it right with you. We value good customer experience and promise to try our hardest to provide that to you.

Why do you offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee?

There is always the possibility of manufacturing issues and network problems that can’t be resolved. Therefore, we have a money-back guarantee for all our customers to protect against faulty SIMs.

It is extremely important to us as a business that our customers aren't left empty-handed.

However, we need you to work with us to claim your money-back guarantee. That means contacting us when you're overseas (via WiFi if your SIM won't connect).

If you can't contact us whilst overseas, just remember to take screenshots of the error and your APN settings so that we can help you out after you return!

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