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What is the refund policy?

We have a 100% Money Back Guarantee* policy, which means that if you have a bad experience with one of our SIMs and receive no value from it, we will refund you. πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ

What do you promise?

We try to put our customers first in everything we do! We will always be there for you and listen to your feedback.

We promise:

  • To honour our money-back guarantee as long as you have cooperated with us. We just want to know what happened to better our services for the future.
  • To always try and make it right with you. We value good customer experience and we promise to try our hardest in providing that to you! 😊

Why do you offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee?

There is always the possibility of manufacturing issues and network problems that can’t be resolved. πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™€οΈ

This is why we have a money-back guarantee available for all of our customers to protect you guys against faulty SIMs and poor experiences!

It is extremely important to us as a business that our customers aren't left empty-handed if something happens to go wrong.

However, to claim your money-back guarantee we need you to work with us! That means contacting us when you're overseas (via WiFi, if your SIM won't connect).

If you can't contact us whilst overseas, just remember to take screenshots of the error and your APN settings so that we can help you out after you return!

How can you claim your money back?

You'll need to contact us about the issues you're having when you're overseas (with screenshots!) so we can try to troubleshoot the issue with you. This is really important.

If we can't get it sorted, we always offer a refund or a partial refund of what you think is fair given your particular circumstances!

* What cases don't apply to our Money Back Guarantee?

If there's an issue with our product and you didn't get value from it, we're more than happy to give you a refund! βœ…

Some cases where we can't promise a 100% Money Back Guarantee:

  • Your device is locked when you get overseas. We make it very clear that our SIMs only work in unlocked devices!
  • You lose your SIM or phone - this really sucks, but unfortunately isn't a faulty product on our end.
  • You activate the SIM too early and the activation period ends before your trip ends.

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