How do I activate?

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Download the full guide here: simsdirect-explorer-365-day-sim-guide.pdf

How do I activate?

  1. Land in one of the listed countries 🛬
  2. Insert SIM card into your device
  3. Turn on Data Roaming in your settings
  4. Restart your device
  5. You'll automatically be connected within 5 minutes and your 365 days will begin.

Easy peasy! 🙌

Can I activate in Australia/Singapore/Hong Kong before I go?

Yep, you sure can! The SIM can be activated in any country listed.

Only catch is that your 365 days will start ticking when you do!

What do I need to do before I fly?

Make sure that your device is unlocked before you fly!

For wifi devices, make sure you know how to change your APN settings.

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