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Download the full guide here: simsdirect-explorer-365-day-sim-guide.pdf

What's my phone number?

This SIM can receive calls! 📞Your phone number can be found on the back of the SIM when you receive it. It's indicated as "Your Three Number".

This is a UK mobile number, so to call it you need to dial the country code (+44) before the number.

For example: Your Three number - 071234567891 (yes, it's 11 digits)
Dial +44 7123456789 (dropping the 0)

Note: Your number will stay the same no matter which country you're in.

  • Calling from a landline in Australia, dial 0011 44 71234567891
  • To get the + on a mobile phone, press and hold 0 until it turns into a +

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