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New Zealand SIM Card 2.5GB, 10GB & Unlimited Data, Calls & Texts | 30 Days

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What's included

  • 2.5GB or 10GB or Unlimited Data* options
  • 4G LTE data speed
  • Hotspot/tethering enabled
  • Unlimited texts to NZ & Aussie numbers
  • Unlimited calls to other 2degrees mobiles
  • 200 minutes calls to NZ & Aussie numbers
  • 30 days of usage once activated
  • 3-in-1 SIM size (nano, micro & standard)

*Unlimited Data SIM

  • Unlimited Data
  • Unlimited calls to NZ & Aussie numbers
  • Unlimited texts to NZ & Aussie numbers
  • Max speeds reduce to 1 Mbps after 40GB
  • 30 days of usage once activated
  • 3-in-1 SIM size (nano, micro & standard)

Things to know

  • Works in all unlocked devices (mobile, tablet & wifi devices)
  • Coverage on the 2degrees network
  • No expiry date; can be held inactive as long as needed
  • Recharges are available via 2degrees

How do I activate?

  1. Land in New Zealand 🛬
  2. Insert SIM card
  3. Dial 200 and follow prompts
  4. Restart your device
  5. You should be connected automatically with 5 minutes, and your 30 days begins!
Optional: you can download the 2degrees app to keep track of your usage
What if I'm using a WiFi device?

If you're planning to use the SIM in a WiFi device, you'll need to insert the SIM in your phone first in order to activate.

What are the prompts?

You'll be asked to create a PIN!

What do I need to do before I fly?

Make sure that your device is unlocked before you fly!

How do I check my balance?

Options to check your balance are:

  1. Dial *100#
  2. Download the 2degrees app on your phone and register!

What's the coverage like?

You can find the coverage map here.

What's my phone number?

You new NZ number can be found on the back of the SIM packaging!

It starts with 02, so to call the number from Australia you'll have to dial using the NZ country code (+64).

Phone number: 02 12 345 678
To call from Australia, dial +64 2 12345678 or 00644 2 12345678 dropping the 0

How do I recharge?

There are a few ways to top-up with 2degrees. You can find your options listed in the SIM packaging, but this is what we recommend:

  1. Go to:
  2. Enter your 2degrees mobile number located on the back of the SIM card
  3. Select 'Buy a Plan or Add-on'
  4. Select the bundle you wish to purchase
  5. Once paid, the bundle will be uploaded to your SIM and activated

How do I call or text Australia?

Make sure you have the Aussie country code in front of the number you're trying to dial.

To call a mobile phone 0412 345 678, dial +61 412345678
To call a landline, dial +61 2 123456789

You can get the + sign by pressing and holding the 0 on your phone.

Can I hotspot/tether?

Yep! You sure can 😊

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